What are the most recent trends in the outsourcing sector? In 2019, the outsourcing industry’s global market size reached $92.5 billion. Before 2025, it is anticipated that this will reach $105.5 billion. More than 35% of small companies have an outsourcing supplier, while almost 65% of corporate leaders have an outsourcing partner for their software […]

Why body leasing/team augmentation?

We provide organizations with additional software development resources on a temporary or long-term basis. Body leasing involves hiring individual contractors or freelancers to work on specific projects, while team augmentation involves bringing in a dedicated team of developers to work alongside an organization’s existing staff. Body leasing is a good strategy for organizations because it […]

Why Nearshoring?

Outsourcing business processes, particularly those involving information technology, to businesses in a nearby country or in a country in a similar time zone is known as “nearshoring.” Some of the most well-known drives for choosing nearshoring are cost reduction, increased quality and efficiency, accessibility to qualified IT specialists and greater software supply chain resilience. So […]